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Stickman Battlegrounds - a game by Bennu Brothers Studios

Stickman Battlegrounds - a game by Bennu Brothers Studios

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Fight to the end in a world of brutal doodles! 

Now available in a glossy, expanded 72 card edition, Stickman Battlegrounds is an action-packed tabletop RPG featuring chaos, mayhem, and original comic art.  

It's like Uno meets D&D - 30-90 minutes of raucous fun for groups of up to 8 people!

Conceived, illustrated, and designed by Osei Bennu at age 14, and rigorously playtested & fine-tuned with the help of family and friends. Learn more of the backstory at our Kickstarter which was fully funded in under 24 hours thanks to the incredible support of our community! 


How the game is played

Choose a character card - each character is unique and has their own abilities, special pros and cons, weapons, and weaknesses.

Find a Gamemaster - One player volunteers to keep track of the points and damage on the score sheet! (All you need is paper & pencil)

Turn Options - Place a card, draw a card, trade cards or skip your turn!

On each battle card, there are directions that’ll guide you! Every card has a special way to damage your foes or benefit yourself in battle!

Chaos and mayhem ensues…

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