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    This was a #fun interview. Thank you #BaltimoreSun & Julie Scharper. :)



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    Oyin Handmade – available now at select Target stores!

    Our sister company, Oyin Handmade, now has select products available at select Target locations! We had a ball celebrating our Target launch (view pics here!) with so many Oyin Honeys, our Honeybee Staff, and business friends and associates. And we are thrilled that fabulous bloggers Awesomely Luvvie and Afrobella were there to celebrate with us! […]

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  • my interpretation of 'say it with your work' circa 1999.

    lookin’ ass… (mashup) by pierre bennu

    Art is a conversation. If you’re an artist & have something to say, say it with your work. Here is what Nicki Minaj’s use of Malcolm X’s image on her new single/video “Lookin’ Ass Ni**a” inspired in me. The password to view the video is “selfhate” The password to view the video is “selfhate”

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    [LOVE WORKS] Practice Makes Perfect – Video – EBONY

    In this episode of [LOVE WORKS] on ebony.com we are talking about love as an action… a language in which we can all become more fluent if we practice it more with each other.

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  • wherein jamyla and pierre talk about love & stuff on ebony.com

    [LOVE WORKS] The Art of Arguing – Video – EBONY

    so, we (jamyla & pierre) are talking about love & stuff in this video on ebony.com …there will be more to come: “Love Works” as a series is a biweekly conversation; if there’s a topic you would like to see us address in a future episode, comment on ebony.com! [LOVE WORKS] The Art of Arguing […]

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