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Georgia Anne Muldrow Builds a Musical World of Her Own

Image of musician and producer Georgia Anne Muldrow with flowers in her hair and in her hands. Her eyes are closed.
The prolific and proudly woke musician has made 21 albums in 15 years. Her latest, “Vweto III,” is a largely instrumental LP that Muldrow composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed.
"In 2021, Muldrow enjoys seeing right-wing figures treating “woke” as a toxic epithet. “It makes me have faith that I’m doing something correctly if these little two-bit politicians have even got anything I’ve said in their mouth,” she said. “I want to be a thorn in their side. I want to keep them up at night.”


Erykah Badu offered powerful praise for her collaborator. “She’s the truth,” she said by phone. “It’s as if she’s from another time somewhere, an ancient future where it meets and warps together, and she walked out of it looking like the female Jimi Hendrix, the young Marcus Garvey, swinging music like Stevie Wonder.”

Badu added, “Her main focus is on freeing the African mind. It makes us want to be like her, to be as strong and have as solid a message as she does in everything. It’s Georgia’s bravery and sincerity, because she does this thing as fearlessly as she does. She’s not afraid of confrontation when it comes to what she believes.”"

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