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    A friend of mine just acquired a early hardcover edition of #Octavia Butler's book Dawn. Peep the cover art. It reminded me of that scene in the 5 Heartbeats when they were arguing over the look of the album cover.



Aug 31 2004

pierre bennu

Pierre Bennu is an award winning filmmaker, writer, artist and performer. He is the principal creative of Exittheapple, an alternative media and arts company specializing in film and digital media, visual arts, gift books, and music.

Bennu is the author of Bullsh*t or Fertilizer: A Portable Pep Talk (Andrews McMeel, 2003), and a New York Foundation of the Arts Fellowship recipient for his instant classic, the short film KaKuMei (2001). His short Animation, Larry, was selected for the GenArt Film Festival in 2008, and his seminal mashup SunMoonChild (set to music by Imani Uzuri) has been screened and discussed from YouTube and Facebook to Duke University and the Smithsonian Institute.

Exittheapple has long stood for the idea of going outside one’s expectations, finding and celebrating new ways to see and portray the world. After the Bennus left their native New York to become proud Baltimoreans, many have assumed it literally means leaving NYC – but while clever, this was not the original intention. (The collective has been called ExitTheApple for many years, including while the Bennus lived as happy Brooklynites.)

Exittheapple seeks to create new mythology through media, particularly in regards to nontraditional and off the beaten track representations of people of color. The collective mentors, encourages and inspires the work of independent artists; celebrates creativity in all forms, and connects with fellow humans through art and the universal principles of storytelling, love, and joy.

Most recently, Pierre and Jamyla Bennu have been named the Coolest Black Family in America, the first feature in an ongoing series by Ebony.com.

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  1. Kwame
    Oct 19, 2010

    Thought ya’ll might like this – http://tobia.tumblr.com/

    I hope you’re well.

    All my love to the fam.



  2. sarr
    Jan 15, 2013

    hello I just see your video sun moon child, it is great. I wanted to know what doucumentaire come the video in which there are the old black jazz rocker
    thank you and sorry for my bad English

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