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    The latest piece in the "people of #color" series. I'll be posting prices & other #paintings from the series soon. #canvas #acrylic #blue #smile #naturalhair #portrait @ovonion

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    #detail from the latest piece in the "people of #color" series #canvas #acrylic #blue #smile #naturalhair #portrait @ovonion

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Mar 21 2012

Gregory Porter: Be Good (Lions Song)

“Be Good” is the first video from Jazz singer Gregory Porter’s critically acclaimed album of the same name.

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Nov 16 2010

I Will Not Be Defeated – animated music video

I hope this awesome mantra of a song and its accompanying animation are as inspirational to you as they were to me while i worked on this piece to the exclusion of almost all else in my life for the past 3 months. (lol) For more info on the musician/songwriter, visit I Will Not […]

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Apr 15 2010

This post is dedicated to vinyl lovers!

To Have & To Hold – Taster Tape from Jony Lyle on Vimeo.

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Mar 30 2010

“Sampling Soul”: The Mid-Term Exam

Duke professor Mark Anthony Neal and Grammy winning producer 9th Wonder (pictured left) are using SunMoonChild – amazing song by imani uzuri, amazing video by Pierre Bennu – as part of the midterm exam for their course, ‘sampling soul.’ The course is about black cultural production and the tradition of borrowing/remixing/sampling and how it all […]

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Mar 18 2010

Sun Moon Child…reborn

I just realized that since YouTube took down this video & i reposted a higher quality version on Vimeo that i did NOT post it here on I was in the midst of writing an essay on “fair use” and the future of media when i found myself rehashing ideas that were already explored […]

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Jul 24 2009

meditation loop by pierre bennu

a hand drawn animated study by pierre bennu; something to focus on silently or with your own music of choice. i may do more of these with different themes; stay tuned :o)

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Oct 6 2008

Grace Jones – Corporate Cannibal

Click the pic to see the new video.

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